Putlocker- All There Is To Know

Ok so lets talk movies and laws. Since the rising popularity of streaming movies online for a monthly sum of money, Putlocker offers the service free of charge. Due to this, it has seen an increase in popularity and is one of the topmost visited sites for movie and shows.

There is one problem in the services that they offer. People often wonder if it is legal of them to allow people access to these movies for free.


Through the small time frame Putlocker was online, it has seen many setbacks, many domain changes and many legal cases against it. Many countries recognized their services as illegal and label it as an act of piracy. The technicality of the law changes from country to country.

In the United States

It is rather clear that it is illegal to view, host a viewing or even download from this website. If you are caught viewing from this site then legal action would be taken against you.


Europe has the same stance against this act as the United States. The European court rules that streaming pirated content online was an illegal act and is punishable by law. So the usage of this website was banned in Europe.

What are studios doing?

Putlocker offers free streaming for movies and shows. Studios have a problem with this service. Studios earn revenue by letting paid sites stream their content and movies. If people are able to access them for free, then the studios earning’s will decrease. To combat this problem, studios often try to make the websites less accessible. This is one way of promoting the ease of usage of paid sites.


If you want to save that extra money by not paying for a paid website, then you should use a VPN. The VPN service will ensure that your online activities are not visible and you will have an extra layer of protection.

Is it safe?

It now boils down to one question, is Putlocker safe? Well the answer to this question is surprising yes. Many people would belief that since it is a free website, then it would be home to numerous of virus and malware. The only thing Putlocker is home to, is advertisements. These advertisements may contain virus and malware if you click on them. If you are able to navigate your way through Putlocker, then this website is a rather safe website to use.

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