Reviews of 3 of the Best Snow Blowers Available in the Market

Before you go shopping for anything, before you spend your money on anything you should know exactly that what are you spending on and if it is worth it or no.

Make sure that you do your research properly before purchasing a snow blower. You can go online and read the reviews about few of the best snow blowers, and can make your decision according to that.

So, here are few of the reviews of the best snow joe cordless blower, so that you can have an idea about them;

  • Troy Bilt 2860 snow blower:

It is a bit expensive as compared to other snow blowers. It costs around $900 but it is absolutely worth it. If you will spend your money on it then then you will not regret it at all, as your money is not going on waste.

Its engine is of 243cc and it also has an engine start, an adjustable and multiple speeds. The only things which it lacks in is that it does not have single hand controls and it does not has a freewheel steering as well.

It comes with a 2 years of warranty and with airless tires, it makes it easier to work and move with the airless tires.


  • Craftsman Model 88394 Snow Blower:

Its engine is of 243cc and it can easily remove a huge pile of snow from your drive and walk ways. Its single lever chute is adjustable and it has a joystick as well, which allows the snow blower to move easily, with no problem.

It also comes with headlights, which makes it easier for the person to remove the snow at night. It comes with a warranty of 2 years and its engine is of four cycle. All of its electric motors are of 120V AC powered.

People have given 4 out of 5 stars to this snow blower, and the users of this snow blowers are happy with it.



  • Husqvarna Model# ST327T Snow Blower:

Husqvarna is one of the most famous companies of snow blowers, and they realized that what customer needs a quality of a snow blower and that too on a reasonable price.

So, they come up with few of the best models of snow blowers and model# ST327T is one their best models. This model is stronger and better than other snow blowers and it is built to last longer.

They are specially designed for home owners who want to remove the snow in a high capacity.


So, these 3 are few of the best snow blowers in market. All of the reviews about these snow blowers are amazing and people have recommended them to others as well.


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